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Do you go to work and need to drop your pet at a safe place? Do you want to drop your pet off so that he can have fun playing with other pets?

Day Care at The Good Doggie is your answer.


We take care of your pet’s needs during the day, ensuring he has burnt his pent up energy and also has had his meals on time.

With our amazing full time staff, your furry family member will be playing, socializing and jumping through hoops in no time.

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Clean Cage

Comfortably Spacious Cages available.


We ensure that your pet gets his/her dedicated walks.


We let your pets play freely, but in a safe manner.

Fresh water

We offer custom home made food to our furry pals.


Hourly - ₹100

1 brisk walk, water,

comfort stay. 


3 Hour- ₹ 300

1 small walks, water,

play and rest. 


6 hour- ₹ 450

1 big walks, water,

play and rest. 


9 hour- ₹ 600

2 big walks, 2 small walks, water, play and rest.


Boarding and Lodging 

₹ 500 - 800

24hrs x Number of days

dog food
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